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Guest John Kivela Talks About The Future This Morning On InTheRightMind


November 17, 2012-

Dan Adamini From InTheRightMind

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This morning’s edition of InTheRightMind featured State Representative Elect John Kivela.







John Kivela - WKQS FM STUDIOS - (906) 227-7777
109th District State House Representative-elect John Kivela.

State Representative Elect John Kivela

State Represenatative Elect John Kivela stopped in the studio this morning to talk about his time as mayor of Marquette and what lies ahead for his term as State Representative.

Kivela pointed out how Marquette has really turned around since he took office six years ago, and how that’s is going to continue.  One big thing has been the increase in technology for the city that has helped businesses.  People are living and working out of their home more than ever.  A good example is that Getz’s in downtown Marquette is the nation’s larger Carhartt dealer in the nation.

Also mentioned was the city’s stance on Highway 595.  The city doesn’t want the extra traffic going through the city by the schools and going through the busiest intersection in the city as well.  Kivela also said that the movement on the electric plant is still on schedule.  The big thing with the electric plant outcome is that Marquette and the surrounding area will be connected to the grid downstate so that there is no reliance on Wisconsin based power.

As for looking ahead to what’s first when Kivela enters office, the severance tax and education issues are at the forefront for him.  He doesn’t disagree with the severance tax in theory, but the formula he doesn’t agree with.  The education issues are about changing the curriculum for high schools and changing the funding to spur more students to apply vocational trades that are big in the Upper Peninsula.

Election Recap

Dan also mentioned a recap the election and was surprised by the outcome in general.  An upside is that his anti-Obama shirt is still good for four more years.  Even with the outcome, this is still the best system in the world.


Towards the end of the program a caller called in, she mentioned to Dan’s hunting comments about how she couldn’t shoot a deer because she couldn’t look at them in their eyes.  She also wanted to congratulate everyone who won, and everyone who ran as well, because it wouldn’t be a democracy if elections were unopposed.

Finally, for the deer hunting season, enjoy Tom Lehrer “The Hunting Song”


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