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Proposal Two Under The Microscope This Morning On InTheRightMind


October 6, 2012-

Dan Adamini In The Right Mind
Dan Adamini from In The Right Mind

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This morning on InTheRightMind there were three guests with two of them discussing Proposal Two.

Guest Vinny Vernuccio

The first guest this morning was Vinny Vernuccio, who is the Director of Labor Policy at the Mackinac Center For Public Policy.

The overall problem with Proposal Two is that it changes the power structure in Lansing.  Many of the laws that legislation has passed would be overridden by union contracts.  Also the leglisation would not have the power to change or stop the union.

This is only with unions in the public sector as the private unions are governed by federal laws.

There is more information you can read at miballot2012.org on this proposal and the rest of the proposals as well.

Justin Bis From The Marquette Victory Center

Second guest is from the Marquette Victory Center Director Justin Bis as the center is having another Super Saturday.  Today volunteers were focusing on absentee voters and giving out applications and forms so that people can vote even if absent for the election.

The center is working for everyone in the party from Romney on the federal level right down to local candidate elections.  If you are interested in helping out you can call Justin at 517-898-9844 or you can email jbis@mivictory.org.  You can also stop by the office, which is between Lawry’s Pasty and AT&T on US 41 in Marquette.

Guest David Denholm

The last guest today was David Denholm, who is the President of Public Service Research Foundation.  The group was created because of the issue of collective bargaining for unions in the public sector.

In a local election a lot of the money is coming from union members, so there is more reason for the members to go out an vote and elect an official for them.  The union leaders also have to be elected so they promise more for the members as well.  During the collective bargaining then, the union wants more and the officials will let this happen because the union got the official there.

The difference between the public and private sector is that the private sector’s bottom line is money, and the public sector’s bottom line is votes.

This proposal is amending the state constitution so that the policies that are in place right now can’t be taken away.  And this is only to protect union officials, not the workers.


A caller called in at the end of the hour to speak on the issue today.  He said the unions are making it an emotional issue.  In the private sector, if a business can’t afford the rates and benefits, they don’t agree to the terms.  The same should be with cities.


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