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Emergency Manager Law and The International Bridge This Morning On InTheRightMind


September 29 2012-

Dan Adamini In The Right Mind
Dan Adamini from In The Right Mind

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This morning was Sound Off Saturday on InTheRightMind where Dan opened the floor for callers to call in on topics of the past few months and also covered two ballot proposals up for election in November.

Ballot Proposal #1

The first proposal up for discussion today is Proposal #1.  This is the emergency manager law in Michigan, which is when communities are in a financial crisis the governor can send in a person to oversee the finances of the city to get it back on track.  The law was actually put in several governors ago.  The proposal asks the people to reenforce or negate the existing law.

The thing to remember is that the governor can’t just send a person to take over a city just because he feels like it.  There are certain rules that must be followed and has to happen before the governor can authorize this measure.

Ballot Proposal #6

Proposal #6 has been a hot button in the state for this election.  The proposal focuses on the international bridge that is proposed to be built.  The proposal is asking the people to decide for the an international bridge or tunnel, that there requires a majority of citizens in the state and in each municipality to approve of the project.  This only applies to new projects as well, not existing.

This is not a great decision to make because it does take power from the legislature.  Although legislators do screw up or can be bought sometimes, it’s on the people to election better people too.  This is a type of decision that they should be deciding.

Primer On Future Topics

Two topics were covered briefly as a primer for shows in the near future.  The first one was Proposal #5 which would require a two thirds majority of the legislature or of the people to be able to raise taxes or increase the tax base.

The other topic covered quickly was “25 in 25.”  This is a goal of by 2025 having 25% of our power coming from renewable energy.   This topic will be covered in a few weeks with speakers.


Caller #1 today called in feeling that we have given the legislature too much power.  He pointed to NDAA and fema camps being approved that could put in one with no trial or reason.  He also said about how legislators don’t even read half of the bills that come across their desk.

Caller #2 today feels that power should reside the legislature.  They are elected for a reason but you have to know the candidate that you are voting for.


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