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Michigan Senator Randy Richardville and 109th Candidate Jack Hubbard on InTheRightMind This Morning


August 11 2012-

Dan Adamini In The Right Mind
Dan Adamini from InTheRightMind

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This morning on InTheRightMind was another departure from the normal format to have guests Randy Richardville and Kelsey Knight from Mitt Romney’s campaign and candidate Jack Hubbard.





Michigan Senator
State Senator Randy Richardville

Michigan Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville

First guest this morning was Michigan Senator Randy Richardville calling in from Monroe, MI in support for Mitt Romney in Michigan.  As one of the four co-chairs of the campaign in Michigan he is highly involved with the campaign around the state.

The campaign so far has been going very well with Romney’s son visiting the state recently.  Richardville noted how important Michigan is for victory and how Michigan is being seen as a leader for turning things around.  It’s from Michigan that Washington could learn how to turn things around federally.




Kelsey Knight

The second guest this morning was Kelsey Knight, who is the Romney Victory Communication Director for Michigan who was calling from the Romney Bus in Marquette Victory Center.

The bus has been traveling through the upper peninsula lately visiting the fairs (Marquette County, and Gogebic County) today and trying to visit as much of the state as possible.  She encouraged people to come to the bus to discuss issues with them.

109th Candidate Jack Hubbard

Jack Hubbard

Republican candidate for the 109th district Jack Hubbard called in towards the end of the program today.  He was calling from Grand Marais on his way to the Marquette County Fair today.  There are multiple issues that he wants to focus on during his campaign this year.  Jobs is a big issues, as well as using our natural resources.  Also he’s come across some businesses that use broadband and that is becoming an issue for them as well.

There are too many regulations as well on businesses and in government in general.  An example that he has run across personally is the five million dollar project in Grand Marais.  After getting the money the Michigan government wanted an administration fee that could have ruined the project.



The one caller today called just after Kelsey Knight today who said that if Romney comes to the upper peninsula that he should ride some of the roads to see in how terrible the roads are.  She mentioned highways 557 and 426 as being particularly horrible.



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