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Guests Nick Smaby and Cathy Church This Morning On InTheRightMind


August 4 2012-

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Dan Adamini from In The Right Mind

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Today’s show was a departure from the normal format to interview candidates Nick Smaby for County Commission and Cathy Church for Probate Judge.





Nick Smaby County Commission
Nick Smaby For County Commission

Write In Candidate Nick Smaby For County Commission

First guest this morning was Nick Smaby today.  He is a write in candidate for the County Commission here in Marquette County.  He’s is running not for himself but for the citizens and for change to local government.  A write in candidate by error, he’s shooting for about eighty votes so he can be in the general election in November.

For the primary election on Tuesday, you can’t split your ticket between parties so make sure you vote for one side only.  For Smaby, you must write in on the Republican side, and it must be “Nick Smaby.”  It’s best to be informed when going to the polls because the poll workers are not allowed to help you.  You can actually download the form that you will see at the poll on Smaby’s website.

Smaby has been in advertising and was a journalist, and has a finger on the pulse of local businesses.  What he’s seeing is businesses are shrinking while government has been growing.  Seeing as government doesn’t have much of a role in job creation but usually has the opposite.  The government though can foster a good environment for businesses to help with job creation.

Believes in being functional, working together with others and finding common ground.  Also debating issues in the public light and working in the benefit of the citizens.

Cathy Church Probate Judge
Cathy Church For Probate Judge

Cathy Church For Probate Judge

Second on the show today is Cathy Church who is a candidate for Probate Judge.  Church has taken an interest in Probate Court because it has a wide variety of issues that affects people.  There are end of life issues as well as if a person is in incapacitated.  These include power of attorney, health care decisions for you and finances.

The court also sees over matters with abused and neglected children and what happens to children in a household where a crime was found (example: like a meth lab found in a house with children.)  Also the court oversees troubled youth.

Church has practiced law for twenty five years and is drawn to the position because she can help the most people this way.   She brings consistency in her beliefs, workings and motives.  Also drawing her to the position is that the court hears cases for the voiceless.

The judge vote is a non partisan vote, so you can vote for whoever you want and it won’t spoil your vote.  The top two vote getter will continue to the general election in November.  Church suggests that the best thing to do to find out who you want to vote for is to talk to friends, family, and neighbors about Probate Court and about business dealings with the candidates.



  1. Re August 4, 2012 “In the Right Mind” program guesting candidates Nick Smaby and Cathy Church: I realize this was not the usual format. However, you graciously and generously provided a public service. I applaud you and thank you.


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