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Guest Congressman Dan Benishek And The Supreme Court Decision On Health Care This Morning on InTheRightMind


June 30 2012-

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Today’s show focused on the Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Health Care For America Act and Dan talked to Congressman Dan Benishek on the issue today.




Supreme Court Decision

This past week the Supreme Court decided that the Affordable Health Care For America Act was indeed within the scope of congress and that meant that the law was upheld as constitutional.  The decision was a five to four vote.

It is estimated that about ten percent lack health care in America.  Rather than fix this for them, the government gave out a one six fits all for health care.  This is punishing people who already had health care.  Already there are doctors not accepting government care.

There are some good things in the law, like pre-existing conditions having to be approved now and children can stay on their parents plan until twenty six years of age.  But the majority of the law will only drive up health care costs and that costs the American people.  Before the law insurance companies had limits on what much they had to pay for a patient.  Under the law this limit is now gone.  If you don’t have health insurance the government will now come after you and you have to pay a penalty too.

And this is being seen as a tax on the people too.  Under the Supreme Court decision it was upheld as a tax.

For the law to be repealed, it will require the White House and Senate to be taken by the Republicans.  If either one of these isn’t taken, then a full repeal is very unlikely.


Caller 1 called in today and discussed how she was a former medical librarian, who brought up the idea of preventive medicine that would help lower medical costs.

Caller 2 had called in and had listened late to the show and was wondering exactly who pays for the health care.  He also wondered how this law will affect small businesses with two or three employees.

U.S. Representative Dan BenishekCongressman Dan Benishek

Congressman Benishek called in the second half of the show after just having touched ground in Wausau, Wisconsin.  He expressed being disappointed in the Supreme Court ruling and is now working on a full repeal.  His feeling is that it is up to the American people in November when the vote on whether to keep the law or not.

His concerns were that it takes 500 million dollars out of medicare.  The law doesn’t bring down health care costs, which is what there should really be work on.  He also worried on what exactly will happen to local small hospitals in the area too.

There are twenty two new taxes in the bill.  Benishek felt it was outrageous that people who can’t afford health care will be penalized and forced to pay a tax.


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