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Congressman Dan Benishek and Dr. Martin Reinhardt Guest On This Morning’s Edition Of InTheRightMind


June 23 2012-

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Today’s show had Congressman Dan Benishek giving an update from Washington DC and Dr. Martin Reinhardt with some information on the proposed KBIC gas station in Marquette Township.




An Update From Washington DC

U.S. Representative Dan BenishekCongressman Dan Benishek called in this morning with an update on the happenings in Washington DC.  The big issue this week is the Fast and Furious aftermath, where guns were sold to Mexican criminals.  Benishek is still currently on his one hundred businesses in one hundred days tour listening to small business owners on issues he’s heard such as uncertainty on the tax code and unnecessary regulations.

One thing Benishek pointed to was the legislation that was passed for easier logging in federal lands.  He has been frustrated how slow Washington does move as since it was passed the new rules are still being written.  But he would rather it be done right rather than rushed.

Next week Congressman Benishek will be on the show talking about the Supreme Court decision on Obama’s health care plan.



Guest Dr. Martin Reinhardt

Dr. Martin ReinhardtOn in the second half of the show today is Dr. Martin Reinhardt from the Center for Native American Studies at Northern Michigan University.   Dr. Reinhardt gave some background information on the land issues that better explains how the KBIC is able to buy the land and make it tribal land.

The land background dates back to a treaty in 1842 that the federal government made with different tribes.  One of the things that came out from that treaty was that the federal government was to act as a protectorate and trustee of tribal assets.  When the KBIc proposed to buy the land it has to go through the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and once approved the proposal then has to be cleared by Congress.  To be approved the proposal has to be proven to be in the best interest of the tribe.  Once that happens then the land is placed in trust and is seen as tribal land.

The tribe is seen as a sovereign unit of government that has it’s own rights and privileges.  The Michigan government has very little say against the tribal government but the federal government has more say.  This is more as a protectorate from foreign and domestic issues and disputes.  Treaties with tribes are done that have given them sovereignty.  Any ambiguity in the treaties comes out in favor of the tribe.  These include rights that are guaranteed by treat such as occupancy of government.

Dr. Reinhardt at the end of the time point to “American Indian Law In A Nutshell” by William Candy as a great introduction and source for more information on this topic.


Caller #1 this morning called in to say how glad she was to have Dr. Reinhardt on today.  She also posed the question wondering why the Krist gas stations prices fluctuate across the gas stations they own.


  1. I wanted to make a correction to what I said on the show regarding the process after the application for land into trust has made its way through the BIA. After the Secretary of the Interior approves the application, it must go through a judicial review process, not congressional approval. There are many other smaller steps involved, but those are two major components.


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