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Weekend NHL Playoff Games Stay Close to My Perdictions


Marquette04/16/12 – NHL Playoffs continued on through this weekend and my predictions for Round 1 are following as I planned.

Western Conference action had St. Louis and Phoenix tying up their series at 1-1 as both games were close scoring in nature. Detroit seems to have met their match with Nashville with Nashville lead this series, 2-1. I’m quite pleased with the way the L.A. Kings are handling the Vancouver Canucks with dominance; leading their series, 3-0.

Eastern Conference has each of the underdog teams tying each of their respective series at 1-1; all games delivering good tight, playoff-style hockey action; the kind of  close scoring play that any hockey fan loves to watch.

Then there’s the Flyers/Penguins series!!!! The Flyers sold the first two games in Pittsburgh then returned to Philadelphia for Game 3, Sunday. Beating the Penguins, 8 – 4, I was greeted by Walt this morning to remarks that the Flyers returned to 1975 tactics; referring to the 1st Period fights on Sunday.

Watching the following video of the Flyer’s 1st goal, Giroux (28) passes to Talbot (27) who scores the goal but the Pens’ Matt Niskonen (2) holds Talbot down to the ice with his stick across the back of Talbot’s neck. Giroux catches this and skates in to help his teammate then, well you can see for yourself how things can get out of hand.




Watch how things got started here – – – –



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