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Wild Pigs Wild Boars Wild Feral Swine – Has Michigan’s DNR Has Gone Wild


Saturday 3-31-2012- 

Today’s Rant From Dan Today’s Rant from Dan

Dan discusses the DNR’s claim that Pigs Have Gone Wild!

Have the pigs gone wild? Can the DNR take control of Michigan agriculture and animal husbandry? Will the DNR end pig farming forever? Will the real lean red meat be going away?

Caller #1:  Congressman Benishek calls Dan Adamini Saturday morning for a discussion on Feral Swing, evasive species, and Michigan Pig Farming.

Dan said Let’s start with Health Care. Benishek sat in on the the supreme court this week and heard both arguments. New experience to be in the court and how much the judges were engaged in the conversation with the lawyers. Lots of back and forth with the judges. 

Today’s 60minute show with Dan and 3 congressmen   Today’s 60minute show with Dan and 3 congressmen.

Benishek felt the perception of the judges was that the law seems unconstitutional. 8 judges engaged but the 9th Thomas didn’t. If we have to buy health issuance, will you have to buy funeral insurance said a judge. If government forces us to buy health issuance, then funeral insurance too?

Benishek voted again the bill because It’s bad medicine and wants it repealed or reformed. More competition in the health issuance business would be good for the consumer. I disagreed with Stupak and Pelosi about just passing this bill even though we didn’t read it.

How do we stay focused on the issues. People need to talk to their friends. Research the stuff yourself. Research the legislation and read it. 3rd parties sometime don’t tell you what the law means. Go to a government site and rad it for yourself. A 30sec spot on TV is just so wrong and twisted and spun.

Benishek said My frustration on the Ryan budget is an attempt by the house to set our economic future in the order. For every dollar we spend we borrow 40 cents. The senate hasn’t had a budget in 3 years. The other side is not giving us any idea of where they stand. We are trying to get ourselves out of this fiscal disaster. The democrats are just criticizing the republican plan. We need to talk this through and realize the fiscal situation is not viable. Let’s go to conference and work out the differences and move forward.

How do we combat the lies. All this political stuff is very frustrating because I’m just trying to find solutions. Obama is focusing on Big Oil as the reason for high gas prices. There are so many other reasons for high prices. Got to work in the gulf. Open the keystone pipe line. Produce more oil at home. Printing money means the supply is going us which forces up oil and food prices on commodities. Decreased drilling and printing money is raising gas prices.  I don’t believe in subsidizing to anyone.

Anything else in the House to discuss?  I am trying to be reasonable and work hard for the district. Www.Benishek.house.gov. Check my year end report and see how I voted and my legislation. Let me if you agree or disagree. It’s all on line at my site.

Benishek encourages you to go to the government sites and read the issues for yourself so you will know what it really says.

Dan’s RANT
The DNR has again met our poor expectations of them. Dumb New Rules by Rebecca Humphreys before she left rule at the DNR. The new director Rodney also hasn’t addressed fairness in regards to Feral Swine. We discussed wild swine and what makes one wild. Dan said, it seems like senators are on sale in Michigan. $5,000 seems to be the going rate. The governors business model doesn’t seem to apply to the DNR. Why can you declare an animal free ranging?  Listen to this rant above.

Caller #2– Greg Johnson, know as the moose man, own a lodge in Republic to hunt boars. We harvest pigs and people come from all over to enjoy that. Today I’m in Minnesota promoting the Upper Peninsula. The issue with the DNR wow! They are anti-business in Michigan and I think it’s power related. We are a farm doing a simulated hunting experience. They want to go home with an animal in the freezer. They are a lean, red meat. The hunts sell from $600 to $2,500 which is the whole experience with other guys in most cases. The DNR has a hard time selling for only a $10 tag.

This animal was born behind a fence, raise there, and died there and now fills a freezer to nuture a family for a year. It’s called farming.

They don’t want competition in the hunting world. It’s about harvesting animals and filling your freezer. The DNR feels they know better than the farmers on what they should be doing on their property. People love the sausage, lean red meat, low in fat. The pork breeders and producers are into breeding for sale but these are breeding the lean red meat. This is the real red meat in Republic. The DNR says pigs can’t be contained in a fence. Is there anyway a pig can escape from your farm? Born behind a fence, raised behind a fence, then they die behind a fence. Never been outside the fence. The DNR doesn’t seem to understand farming. I am a degreed man from Michigan tech. My estate is designed like a maximum securityprison facility. DNR has enough trouble managing wildlife versus farming. Please focus on natural resources versus agricultural industry. The DNR has sites on collateral damage on their hunting sites. They are going to knock out small farmers with the evasive species order. Go to www.Bakersgreenacres.com to get the scoop. Some 1,700 farmers are going to be affected as they paint farmers as evil people. All farmers are at risk unless you are factory farmer. The governor has to put parental insight over the DNR now. They could resend this with a signature as can the governor. Visit Greg’s website www.ragingrussians.comis .  View my site to take a hunting adventure.

Caller #3 Representative Ed McBroom :: House District 108 called in. The house has tried to solve the problem. Some senators have been bought off to move the legislation forward. The governor and DNR could solve the issue with a stroke of a pen. The whole problem was created administratively. They could deal with the problem. Some say these bills are going to allow people to bring in wild pigs but no. The invasive species order doesn’t help. For those raising pigs from birth to death, or to use as Heritage Hogs for specialty restaurants or for hunting operations, this whole thing could put several hundred people out of business. The DNR says they can grow something else. It’s a crazy thing, to take someone’s legitimate property, something that’s been legal, and now as of April 1, tomorrow Sunday, you can no longer do this and just do something else now.

Ed calls Dan Adamini on Sunny 101.9fm

Will 1,700 farms be out of business if this goes though?

How do we rescue these folks that are suffering this injustice?

What exactly is going to happen Sunday?

Well last fall when the order went into effect October 8th the DNR issued a declarative ruling of 9 point to determine if your pigs are legal, curly tails versus straight tails, black and white stripes, spotted coats, etc. The DNR contradicts this. They can send a letter of exceptions. The DNR is planning to go to facilities where they harbor facilities that they are after.  So they are really only going to go to select facilities. Seems like an unjust way to do business, and no where in the order does it say were coming to pigs with captive hunting.  HOWEVER, once they get ride of the hunting guys, they have these declarative rules, for those raising for breeding or eating, whom have the exact same pigs.

So how do we twist the law to attack the hunting facilities, and not attack farm livestock that is exactly the same?

Farming is defines as Animals raised under the husbandry of humans. And the Michigan Dept. of AG is suppose to take care of loose feral pigs in the wild. It’s not the DNR’s job whatsoever. I don’t know how the DNR can just lay down a gauntlet with the legislature,  manipulate the words to get involved with pigs inside fences?  The DNR says they are damaging their natural resources.

Ed’s Suggestion: To learn more, watch a few videos. Go to Youtube and look to Mark Baker. DNR or PIGS and you’ll get several different videos he’s made in the McBaine area. You can see his operation and his kids walking about with the pigs. People don’t seem to understand farming anymore.


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