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Let’s Go To The Movies! Thomas Theatre – Marquette Cinemas Grand Opening Today

Thomas Theatre Group Grand Opening Marquette Michigan May 16, 2014 Great Lakes Radio Media 090
The carpet in the lobby of the Thomas Theatre – Marquette Cinema, a map of the U.P.

Marquette, Michigan  –  May 16, 2014  –  Thomas Theatre Group opened the doors today to the brand new Marquette Cinema on Commerce Drive. 

When you walk through the doors at the new theater the first thing you notice is the carpet – a beautifully detailed, 17th century styled map of the Upper Peninsula, with all three Thomas Theatre Group locations (Iron Mountain, Escanaba, and now Marquette) marked by red stars.

That map, says Thomas D. Andes, president of the Thomas Theatre Group, is there for a reason – it is a reminder that the theater was built by a local family.

“We’ve been in business for 93 years,” Andes pointed out. “I’m a fourth generation business owner, I have an 8-week-old son that’s in the lobby — he’s the fifth. This is a big deal for my family.”

Thomas Theatre Group Grand Opening Marquette Michigan May 16, 2014 Great Lakes Radio Media 056
Thomas D. Andes, President of the Thomas Theatre Group

Andes went on to discuss the challenges that were met by Gundlach Champion and applauded all of the contractors that were on site during the construction of the new facility, 85-90% of which were local to either the U.P. or Michigan.

“It’s my land, it’s my property, it’s my building,” said Andes, “but I will tell you that it is not here today without the extraordinary efforts put forth by Gundlach Champion and workers from around the U.P.”

Thomas Theatre Group is dedicated to bringing the latest cinema industry technology to the Upper Peninsula and they have vision and hearing impaired systems to give the best movie going experience to every customer.

Andes also announced a drive thru around the back of the cinema would be coming soon to allow customers to take treats home without having to get out of their cars!

The new cinema is family friendly with a party room for birthdays and corporate events. Even the prices are family friendly.

“We do not live in a large city so we won’t charge large city prices,” said Andes. “We want to be a destination not only for date night but for families as well so we kept ticket prices as low as possible.”

Get up-to-the-minute information on special events and current showtimes online at Thomas Theater – Marquette Cinemas and on Facebook.


  1. Gorgeous, comfortable, state -of -the- art facility and cordial, capable staff. Replacing Carmike is a blessing….that place had broken seats, small screens, though a nice staff. Your prices for tickets and concessions is also admirable. Bravo, Thomas!

    I once managed a Robert Fridley Theatre in Iowa. Bob is a master of the business. He also applauds you. I also write film reviews under the pen name, YOOPER CRITIC SEES……i rely mostly on Netflix to see the quality films which are rarely box office attractions. I have a readership of about 100 people across the country.

    However, one issue: your manager stated that there were no plans to use even one of the 10 theaters for art or foreign films. What a shame. Marquette is not lacking culture. Tis sad that economics and the youth market control all the presentations. Most of your venues show action, blow-up-everything type sci-fi fare. I understand, but, really!? You will never be the class organization to match New York City or Los Angeles without changing that policy. That may not be your goal, but, it should be. I urge you to show special, quality, art or foreign films on occasion, if not consistently, in perhaps your smallest venue.

    Again, congratulations.


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