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Explore Your Creativity and Imagination at the Children’s Museum

Great Turtle Store Children's Museum Toys Marquette Michigan 01
The Great Turtle Store at the Children’s Museum is stuffed with toys!

Marquette, MichiganNovember 18, 2015 – I chatted with Nheena Ittner, the executive director of the U.P. Children’s Museum, about all the fun and exciting activities.

The Children’s Museum creates an interactive experience using creativity and imagination to educate children on lots animals, art, leadership, animation, music and media. Ittner spoke very highly of the museum.

“Well, we’re an amazingly fun, hands on museum and we’re designed all by kids,” Ittner said.

November is packed with fun events for both kids and adults. On Wednesday, Nov. 18, from 4pm-6pm, the Lizardry will teach kids about the reptiles living at the museum. Dr. Shevy maintains the animals and teaches the tykes about feeding and caring for them and gives an opportunity to pet them. Ittner said the best part about this exhibit is how well Shevy talks at a level that all ages can understand. This event happens every third Wednesday of the month.

The Children’s Museum gives a plethora of opportunities for adults to enjoy themselves too, like the two events coming up in the next few weeks. During Ladies Night on Thursday, Nov. 19, the great turtle toy store located in the entrance of the museum will be jammed pack for the upcoming Holiday season. In addition, there will be giveaways, beverages, sweets and special dancers to greet incoming customers.

Moving into December, there’s another opportunity for adults to enjoy themselves while raising money for the museum. On Thursday, Dec. 3, the museum is hosting the 12th annual celebrity art auction. This event pulls in unexpected community celebrities to create art pieces. Viewing starts a 5pm and the auction starts at 7. All proceeds will go to help the museum with general maintenance and utilities. Admission is free and features a chocolate fountain. Does it get any better than that?

On Dec. 10, the focus comes back to the kids with the creativity series, which occurs every second Thursday of the month. This session will be preset wrapping from 5:30p.m. – 7:30 p.m. The activity is free with admission or membership. The kids enjoy the hands on crafts, free Culver’s custard and live music.

Ittner recommends keeping tabs on the website. It’s always updated and there’s always something fun to partake it.

Listen to my interview with Nheena here!

Have you ever been to the Children’s Museum? What’s your favorite event that they hold? Drop me a comment!


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