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Huge Turnout At The mediaBrew Goodwill Christmas Tree Lighting

Marquette Christmas Tree Lighting

Marquette, Mich.11/20/2023 – 

Incredible turnout last night at the Westwood Mall as everyone gathered around the mediaBrew Goodwill Christmas Tree. The crowd was enormous. All in anticipation of lighting up the Christmas tree. You could feel the jubilee in the air about the kids getting to meet Santa Claus, too!

This year’s holiday tree is, by far, the largest and brightest we’ve seen in many seasons. At mediaBrew, we’re so honored to be able to foster relationships that enable us and our partners to make this happen. Our gratitude goes out to all of our partners, sponsors, and most of all the public who showed up to appreciate this tribute to the spirit of the holidays.

Once the dancers had busted their moves we heard from organizers mediaBrew and Goodwill. Suddenly, the Marquette Sheriff’s Department appeared and caught the Grinch trying to foil the fun. Good thing because Santa Claus arrived shortly after via a Marquette Township fire truck and lit the tree to a huge cheer from the crowd!

Everyone then headed inside the Westwood Mall to enjoy hot dogs, hot cocoa, cookies, and of course, to spend some time with Santa Claus. There were smiling faces everywhere you looked. Folks were spreading joy and conversing with one another. Children played, running about and laughing. This event truly encompassed what this time of year is all about. We want to wish everyone a safe and cheerful holiday season this year.

A big shout out to every one of our sponsors for your contributions! Thank you so much for helping us bring this to fruition!

  • Goodwill – Sponsoring the Tree
  • Premium Sheds – for Building the Tree Stage
  • Icon Signs – Christmas Tree installation 
  • Super One – for catering the event
  • Marquette Township
  • Higher Love Cannabis Company and the Westwood Mall – for Co-hosting this community event
  • Sponsors: Fox Motors of Marquette, Appliance and Furniture Rental, Household Appliance, Dunkin’ Donuts, Jets Pizza, Walmart, Great Lakes Radio, Studio Dance Arts and Marquette Gymnastics and Cheer, Marquette Township Fire Department, & The Marquette Sheriffs Department, Marquette Township Business Association

Scroll through the photos from the event below:




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