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2023 14th Annual U.P. Fall Beer Fest Was A Riot!

Big crowds!

We had tons of fun yesterday at Marquette’s 14th Annual U.P. Fall Beer Fest. It seemed like the whole city was there because of how packed it was. Many heads were adorned with hop crowns and smiles. There really were some excellent costumes, too! Of course, all the best U.P. brewers were out there pouring cups of our area’s best beers. Alongside them were brewers from around the state that we folks in the U.P. normally don’t get the chance to drink fresh cups from!

The musical acts that played included Conga Se Menne, an awesome group of traditional Scottish instrumentalists, and the Daydreamers. The Daydreamers really rocked the boat with some high-energy covers of popular songs. They had everyone in the place singing and dancing, and when it was all said and done, they got an encore! Which, they followed up by giving the people exactly what they wanted!

We were all very much blessed with a beautiful day to drink an array of diverse and specially made beer for the occasion. I hope you all enjoy these photos, and come back to this post tomorrow to see some epic video content from the 14th Annual U.P. Fall Beer Fest! Comment and tell us your favorite beer and brewer of the day!


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