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Pamper Yourself, Grab Delicious Food and More With This Week’s Great Lakes Shopping Show Newsletter


Marquette, MI  January 12, 2021 – Another week brings another week of deals on the Great Lakes Shopping Show online newsletter!  This week we’re highlighting self care, yummy food and more!  Take a look and come back tomorrow for the Great Lakes Shopping Show on Sunny 101.9 and 103.3 FXD from 9-11 am.

Swick Home Services is throwing their Kindness Doesn’t Cost Giveaway!  It’s easy to be cynical and forget to be kind, way too easy.  It’s a new year with a fresh start for everyone!  Swick wants you to nominate a person or event each week to showcase an act of kindness!  Find all the information on Swick’s site here.

Save on self care from this week's online newsletter!
Save on self care from this week’s online newsletter!

Spa Pedicures at The Beehive Beauty Lounge are back!  Treat yourself with a full spa experience complete with a mask, hot towel treatment, paraffin wax dip and polish!

Do you suffer from constant neck or back pain?  Does it get worse in the cold weather?  Stop by Essential Chiropractic with this certificate and you’ll get an initial consultation and exam!

Save money on energy consumption and laundry products like detergent, fabric softener and more with the new pureWash Pro from Rent All!

Grab lunch from Hudson’s Classic Grill with this certificate.  Try something new or get your favorite.  Take out and delivery is available!

Take a couple friends to Edge of Reality for 2 hours of virtual gaming!  For just $20 you’ll get a 2 hour gaming session with all the games to choose from for you and your friends.

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