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Health Tip – May 18 – B Vitamins


The B complex is an extremely essential group of nutrients that the body must get through diet or produce in intestinal flora to enable it to: (1) transform food into energy, (2) maintain a strong immune system, (3) balance many of the body’s hormones, and (4) perform a wide variety of other tasks.

The B vitamins work together as a complex and are dependent upon each other to perform their individual tasks in the body. Insufficient intake of one B vitamin can create imbalances and deficiencies in others and impair the body’s ability to assimilate and metabolize them. If a depletion or excess of one over the other occurs for a period of any duration, there will be a problem in the entire complex. Because of this relationship between the B vitamins, an isolated deficiency of only one B vitamin is rarely seen. This is another good reason for taking the B vitamins as a complex, a whole, and not separately.

Some foods containing significant amounts of vitamin B are: potatoes, liver, tuna, beef, turkey, oats, brazil nuts, bananas, avocados, sweet potatoes and legumes.


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