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Health Tip – Oct. 21 – Bad News For Night Owls


Researchers at Britain’s Roehampton University questioned 1,068 men and women about their eating and sleeping habits as well as how they rated their levels of happiness, anxiety and their physical health and weight. The results suggest that early birds are slimmer, healthier and happier than people who stay up later and get up later.

Other findings of the online survey showed that, on average, the early birds were out of bed a few minutes before seven a.m. on weekdays while the night owls typically arose a few minutes before nine. Both groups reported spending an extra hour in bed on the weekends.

But the lead researcher didn’t have much to offer on why early birds do better: he suggested that perhaps getting morning chores out of the way and getting kids out of bed allowed the early risers to cope better with the hectic pace of modern life.


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