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Health Tip – June 22 – What To Do When You Are Depressed


So you have a case of the blues. You are depressed and just can’t seem to shake that feeling.  What can you do?

1.  Motion creates positive emotion. Try to do some type of physical activity you enjoy daily.

2.  Put on your favorite song.

3.  Write a letter or call a friend.

4.  Write down five things you are thankful for.

5.  Take ten long deep breaths.

6.  Think about a time when you were really happy.

7. Avoid sugar and caffeine. Start eating healthier whole foods and it will help how you feel.

8.  Pamper yourself. Take a nice long bath while listening to soothing music.

9.  Read the Bible and pray.

10.  Hug someone today. It will change your well-being.

If these tips don’t help you feel better, please seek help from professionals.  There is no shame in asking for help…we all need it from time to time. Don’t go another day feeling blue!


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