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Health Tip – June 16 – Insecticides and Fabrics


When you spray with insecticides, the labels always warn you not to get the liquid on your skin. But they don’t mention that your clothes can make a difference in the absorption factor.

Here’s proof: The chemistry department at Texas Southern University bought just about every brand of insecticide in the hardware store, and checked to see how the solutions penetrated different types of ordinary fabrics. The researchers tested cotton twill, wool, cotton-polyester, cotton thermal underwear, rayon and acrylic.

The results, as reported in the journal Chemosphere, were that all the fabrics were good at blocking the insecticides — except acrylic and rayon.

So, when using insecticides on your plants, garden or lawn, check the labels in your clothes for fabric content to avoid harmful chemicals from coming in contact with your skin.


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