Sunday, January 17, 2021
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Sunny FM is now on Twitter! Follow @SunnyMQT!

When I started at Sunny, I was shocked to find out they weren't on Twitter yet. I myself am a Tweet-aholic, and was really...

Country USA Oshkosh is Loaded with Thousands of Country Fans with Tons Of Mud...

> Oshkosh - Saturday June 25, 2011 - Rain and mud has not dampened the country fans spirits. However every store within 50miles of Oshkosh are sold out of swamper mud boots.  Organizers put on an incredible festival. But after 4 days of rain, and like 30,000 people walking around, the clay fields have turned [...]

Marquette Charter Township Board and Marquette Township Business Have A Meeting Of The Minds

Marquette Township _ July 19th 2001 - For the first full time in a decade, the Marquette Township Board met with the Marquette Township Business Association to discuss a revamped approach to more easily attract new businesses into the township. The Marquette Township Business Association requested a work session to discuss past, present, and future [...]

Yoopers Recorded with Tender Comments on Why They Love Their Mom

HappyMothersDay-5min Moms are so special. I feel we need to honor mom more often. Dinner and a carnation is good, a phone call better, a visit the best!  Wednesday morning we asked the question on our “Saving Show”on the Radio, “Tell us why you Love your Mom”.  We had over 30 people call during the [...]

All The Inspiration You Need For Today

Everyday I find myself in a paradox of first world problems: I want to take a nap, but I have allot of work to...

New Video Features That’ll Make The Internet More Awesome!

Marquette-April 15, 2015-For over 10 years, YouTube has given us millions of videos to make us laugh, think, cry, learn, and most often, waste...

Testing Syndication

Here is a post I made up to test some syndication.   Related Posts:Test PostMeat Balls, Fresh Salads, $5,000, lots of smiles in IshpemingMy friend sent me these people at point of need saying, “Dear Jesus Help me!”Powered by Contextual Related Posts

Summer Travel in Pure Michigan

Mackinac – July 31, 2011 – Traveling to Grand Rapids to see gramma, engaging with 70 relatives at a family reunion, playing music with cousins, enjoying a pig roast, and traveling on I-75 North back to the Great U.P…. Wow, what a super weekend. The city of Mackinac is again just so very busy-Busy-BUSY. People [...]

Inspiring Youth from Wisconsin and Northern Michigan partipiate in Fine Arts sponsored by the...

Waupaka - May 14, 2011 - Hundreds of Wisconsin and Northern Michigan kids come together to celebrate the gifts God had given them. About 30 kids from Good News Assembly of God Ishpeming participated. Many received high honors and will be invited to attend the nationals in Phoenix Arizona in early August. About a thousand [...]
8 Better Presidential Canidates than Donald Trump

8 People Who Would Be Better Presidential Candidates Than Trump

With an election year around the corner, everyone and their mother is announcing a Presidential Campaign for 2016. So far, the most talked about...