Monday, August 10, 2020

Yoopers Recorded with Tender Comments on Why They Love Their Mom

HappyMothersDay-5min Moms are so special. I feel we need to honor mom more often. Dinner and a carnation is good, a phone call better, a visit the best!  Wednesday morning we asked the question on our “Saving Show”on the Radio, “Tell us why you Love your Mom”.  We had over 30 people call during the [...]

The Wind Blows Strong in the U.P. but the Big Ishpeming Wind Mill Won’t...

Ishpeming – June 14, 2011 – The wind blows briskly across the Upper Peninsula, but the million dollar windmill sits still. Downtown Ishpeming the leaves of the maple tree rippled back and forth. The wind stirs the bushes nestled close to the big catholic church downtown.  The neighbors tree waves its branches and leaves rather [...]

Marquette Michigan’s Abandoned Orphanage did not Sell according to News Guru Walt Lindala

Marquette, MI -  May 6, 2011 -  Reported on the Radio Sunny 101.9fm WKQS this morning, several Upper Peninsula businessmen men met on the steps of the Marquette City Court House yesterday. At 10am, the city  set out to sell the old Marquette orphanage.  The city valued the building at $400,000 and the property at [...]

WFXD Announces The U.P.’s Home Town Festival Skandia Days July 16

Skandia – July 16, 2011 – WFXD sponsors Skandia Days July 16. Decades upon decades families have gone out each July to watch or walk the parade, play in the bouncy house, play baseball, and participate in Field Games.  This year, Border Town will be the featured entertainment from 4 till 8pm. Longtime participant, a [...]

Marquette’s Lower Harbor lights up over Lake Superior

Marquette – May 17, 2011 – Lake Superior is glistening as Lower Harbor lights up downtown Marquette at 5:45am. Today looks like “Sunshine on my shoulders” in the Upper Peninsula. When I awake on a day like today, and travel to work, I just decide to have a great day. It is true that we [...]
8 Better Presidential Canidates than Donald Trump

8 People Who Would Be Better Presidential Candidates Than Trump

With an election year around the corner, everyone and their mother is announcing a Presidential Campaign for 2016. So far, the most talked about...

BURGER & HOT DOG Sale At the Elk’s Club in Marquette Monday, July 4th

To: Todd WFXD Radio From: Todd Dunn, Marquette, ( phone 906-869-7821. Sorry for the late notice, but we wanted to get your help in publicizing a BURGER & HOT DOG sale we are doing at the Elk’s Club in Marquette Monday, July 4th! Please visit the Elks over the 4th. Related Posts:4th of July Events [...]

Da5: Meanest Pranks Imaginable

Pranks can be a fun way to catch a friend, coworker or family member off guard. They can also be extremely evil. With April...

Does Heinz/Kraft Merger Mean Cheese Ketchup?

Yesterday, H.J. Heinz Company and Kraft Foods Group announced a merger between companies to become The Kraft Heinz Company.Now this story is big news,...

Last Week in July is The World’s Greatest Aviation Show in Oshkosh Wisconsin featuring...

This is one of hundreds of old war birds that will be in Oshkosh July 25-31 2011 Oshkosh – July 25 – 31st 2011 – EAA’s Air-Venture will be a spectacular display of planes. In fact hundred of planes: vintage, war birds, experimental, giant bombers and cargo plans, naval planes and everything private and jet. [...]