Chocolate, Flannel, Sleds and Cars Join Kris Kyro on the Workday Wind Down

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Kris Kyro and Suzanne Liszt overseeing weekend activities in our royal garb

Marquette, Mi. February 23, 2018

I am rarely, if ever, bored. I don’t know what it means to twiddle my thumbs. In fact I am not even sure what twiddle means. Now I can’t get that silly word out of my head so  I will contact Dee Dee and ask her for the definition.  If you are in the midst of twiddling right now, I suggest you look at our Sunny FM website and go directly to our calendar page. It’s crazy good and filled with a never ending supply of things to do!

So far this weekend there is something for everyone! Special events involving chocolate, flannel, vintage snowmobiles, movies, activities at the library and so much more! You’ll have to pick and choose so start now and plan your weekend!

I love all of the above so I am going to wear my favorite flannel outfit and stuff the pockets with chocolate while I ride a snowmobile like my dad used to have! I will be prepared for every event I attend and then some. While I’m driving Miss Daisy crazy with the pedal to the metal (within the speed limit of course!) I know my weekend will be jam packed with fun!

Join me on the Workday Wind Down weekdays from 3-7 on Sunny FM!


One Response to Chocolate, Flannel, Sleds and Cars Join Kris Kyro on the Workday Wind Down

  1. Kris: the definition of “twiddle” is as follows:
    As a verb (used with an object)
    1. to turn about or play with lightly or idly, especially with the fingers; twirl.
    As a verb (used without and object)
    2. to play or trifle idly with something; fiddle.
    3. to turn about lightly; twirl.
    As a noun:
    4. the act of twiddling; turn; twirl.
    5. twiddle one’s thumbs, to do nothing; be idle.
    Example usage: Business was slack, and the salespeople were twiddling their thumbs.

    Enjoy the word….it is one that is fun to repeat over and over!

    Dee Dee

    Dee Dee
    February 26, 2018 at 6:27 am

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