Gremlins and Redettes in Houghton Last Night Join Kris Kyro On the Workday Wind Down

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Marquette, Mi.February 16, 2018           

Gremlins victorious in Houghton last night over the Marquette Redettes

The drive is never long when you know you are going to see something you love. Last night it was basketball in Houghton between the Gremlins and the Redettes.

The girls put their all into the game and it was pretty exciting! Basketball at this level of talent and ability is better than any level, in my humble opinion. Of course, this is coming from a person who sat on the bench a lot dreaming about being an athlete.

In high school I played when all hope had been lost and the team had nothing to lose….it was AWESOME!!

Also I would like to acknowledge the ROTC students for making a beautiful presentation before and during the National Anthem at the Houghton High School.

That was and always is my favorite part of any game!

If you’d like to learn more about the ROTC and how you can become involved check the news with Walt Lindala on the Sunny FM webpage. Walt spoke with members of the ROTC during NMU Wildcat Wednesday.

Join me today and every day on the Workday Wind Down from 3-7!

Gremlins vs Redettes


Redettes Coach with his team last night in Houghton