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Commute in the U.P.

City Commute

Marquette Mi.February 14, 2018

As I was driving to work today it occurred to me that the commute is basically a Sunday drive on a work day.

I have lived in large cities and shared the highways with hundreds of fellow commuters, all trying to get somewhere on time.

The first time I became part of the traffic flow on a six lane highway in Atlanta I clearly remember laughing. There was nothing funny about it. I was actually hysterical and terrified, but I learned quickly how to gun it and go! Eventually I actually got good at weaving, passing, and staying focused. Once I mastered rush hour traffic I calmed down enough to stop laughing and enjoy the ride….which was a great relief. Not only to myself but to the other drivers who often got into another lane just to get away from the lunatic driving mach 90, pie eyed, and howling behind the wheel.

Now when I drive I only laugh if I hear something funny on air. Or if I think of a good joke, but at least I’m not pie eyed.

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