Mark Evans…A Voice From the Past is Present on the Workday Wind Down with Kris Kyro

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Colleagues of yore…right here! Mark Evans and Kris Kyro

Mark Evans taking a few moments out of his busy stand and be cool.

Marquette, Mi.- February 5, 2018

Mark Evans is a voice you’re familiar with. …He’s everywhere, he’s everywhere! (Sorry Chicken Man, yes you’re every where too but we’re talking about Mark now)

He stopped by today and I strongly and enthusiastically suggested he take a moment to spend some time with me and pose for photo ops. ( I do love a good photo op)

I met  and worked with Mark years ago and have always enjoyed his humor and friendly manner. ( it all sounds so formal)! Yes Mr. Evans is a pleasant and easy going chap with a keen wit and clever gift of observation. (That must be read with an English accent so you get the full effect)

Back to what I was saying before I so rudely interrupted myself…

It’s a personal and professional treat to reconnect with a former colleague and I invite you to join us during the Workday Wind Down! He’s kind of shy so I am unable to give a definite time for his arrival. Just be there with me on the Workday Wind Down today and every weekday from 3-7 on SunnyFM!

Mark Evans behind the mic