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Marquette, MI  –  November 28, 2018  –  Do you have something that limits what you can eat? Vegan? Gluten Free? Cafe Bodega caterings to all of your eating restrictions while still providing you with delicious food that you can enjoy!

Whether you're Gluten Free or a Vegan, Cafe Bodega has food you'll enjoy for a price you'll love.

Whether you’re Gluten Free or a Vegan, Cafe Bodega has food you’ll enjoy for a price you’ll love with UPBargains.com.

Stop in to the restaurant and try their Gluten Free Pestro Parmesan Whitefish for dinner or try something like the Gluten Free Vegan Huevos Rancheros off their breakfest menu! UPBargains.com can make your meal even better with big savings! Use up to two $10 certificates per person to help you save while enjoying a delicious, fresh and local meal.

Visit UPBargains.com now to purchase your restaurant certificates. Order using our online check out system, then drop by our Marquette office to pick up your certificates. You can also have them sent to your home address to a void a trip to the western end of town!

Once you’ve got your certificates, grab a table at Cafe Bodega and get ready to eat! Cafe Bodega is a restaurant located across from Down Wind Sports on Third Street in Marquette.

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