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Marquette, MI  –  April 17, 2018  –  Looking to taste what it means to be a Yooper? Want to experience a U.P. Original and long standing tradition? Head over to Lawry’s Pasty Shop in Marquette to try 2 classic Lawry’s Pasties!

Enjoy 2 Classic Pasties from Lawry's in Marquette

Enjoy 2 Classic Pasties from Lawry’s in Marquette

After 70+ years of making Pasties, Lawry’s has it down and they’re ready to serve you a delicious authentic Upper Peninsula meal. Whether you’re a born and raised Yooper or in Marquette for vacation, you’ll enjoy lunch at a local shop existing since 1946!

Purchase a certificate for 2 Classic Pasties on UPBargains.com! At just $8.00, you’re saving 27% with our shopping show and keeping your money local. Purchase the certificate with our easy to use online store or swing by the office to pay and pick up your certificate on your way to Lawry’s Pasty Shop.

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