UPBargains.com Daily Deal Feb. 22 – $99 Tax Preparation Package from the Doing Business Associates

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Get your taxes handled right here in Marquette at a business you can trust.

Marquette, MI  –  February 22, 2017  –  It’s that time of year again… Tax season is here and the hassle of figuring out what goes where and how much you really get back can just be too much – but not anymore!

Pick up at $99 basic tax return package for only $75 and you’ll get the best services from the Doing Business Associates. This small local business is committed to helping other small businesses and residents during tax season.

There’s no games with DBA, just darn good work at the best price in town. You can even drop off your papers and pick up your return in a couple of days!

Pick up your certificate for 24% off this awesome package by ordering online, calling 228-6800 stop in to our Marquette office.