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Computers are great tools to aid in completing our everyday work tasks, but when they have problems and work SLOW – they can be a real pain! Don’t let troublesome computer problems cause you needless headaches! Let Computer Remote Services solve them in your own home remotely! Save on our Shopping Show certificate with Computer Remote Services for ONLY $14!


CRS will fix your computer in 15 minutes if it is broken or on the fritz with this certificate! CRS has the technology and the expertise to handle most computer repairs ‘remotely’ and ‘securely’, for a fraction of the cost. You actually can watch them fix your computer from the comfort of your home or office. CRS has over 20 years of computer support expertise. CRS serves the greater Marquette Area but, with their ‘Remote Support’ technology, they can literally service any computer in the country that is connected to the Internet and has a Broadband connection.

Distance is irrelevant and ‘House Calls’, for the most part, are a thing of the past. Call Tony at CRS at 906.362.9449 or visit CRS at www.techytechs.me to learn more about all the high-tech services available to consumers and businesses alike.

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