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When you sign up for personal training at Synergy Fitness, you get more than just a personal trainer. You will learn how to best work out to achieve your goals and to set good goals in strength – conditioning and scientifically safe training! Start out by using our Shopping Show certificate, giving you 4 hours of personal training for ONLY $140!

4 Hours of Personal Training

Synergy offers these training options:

1 on 1 Personal Training: the number one way to achieve desired results. Your program will be specifically designed for you and your goals.

Buddy Training (2-3 people): great for those who want to train with a few friends who want similar results. Programs will be designed to meet both of your needs.

Small Group (4-5): Small groups work well with co-workers who want to get in shape together. These programs focus on group goals.

Large Group (6-9): ideal when you are looking for a way to train on a tight budget. Programs are based on collective goals of the group.


You get an entire team of health professionals with over 50 years of combined experience. Our personal trainers are all nationally certified exercise professionals.
Synergy Fitness is located 181 West Bluff Street in Marquette. Call 228-7600 for more information.

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