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Kelsey's husband, Cody, cooking up some quesadillas!

Kelsey’s husband, Cody, cooking up some quesadillas!

Negaunee, MichiganFebruary 6th, 2019 – Check it out. My husband, Cody.

Our power at our house was out for over 24 hours during the ice storm, and Cody did not want to wait any longer for hot food.

Here he is in his long johns, with a head lamp, sitting in front of his ice fishing space heater. It’s rigged up with a weight bar and two weighted milk crates. On top of the heater is a cookie sheet pan.

What is on the cookie sheet pan, you may ask?

Why, cheese quesadillas, of course!

Yes. He cooked himself up some cheese quesadillas on a rigged up space heater.

Completely unsafe. But hilarious all the same.

Have you ever seen anything more redneck Yooper in your life?!

I was crying I was laughing so hard!

I hope this brings you some joy today, as well!

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