Active Physical Therapy Focusing On Head Injuries And Concussions

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Ryan Lowery of Active Physical Therapy

Marquette, MI – (Great Lakes Radio) – On our latest Active Physical Therapy update, the spotlight was put on head injuries and concussions.

Ryan Lowery, Athletic Trainer with Active Physical Therapy, joined Mike Plourde for a conversation about this wide-ranging topic.

Lowery talked about the different types of head injuries and concussions as well as prevention of these sometimes debilitating injuries.

He also talked about symptoms of concussions and other warning signs of residual effects of head injury.

Lowery added that if you experience any symptoms of a concussion or other head injury, Active Physical Therapy offers free injury screenings to find out what may be going on and what therapy options may be available.


LISTEN IN – Active Physical Therapy’s Ryan Lowery discusses head injuries and concussions.

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