Northern Michigan Man Pens Book Of Engaging Conversations With Jesus

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G.T. Long

G.T. Long

Marquette, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News) – “Another Sunday in Horton Bay” is a new compendium of short stories by a Northern Michigan man featuring conversations about a wide array of topics with Jesus.

G.T. Long, author of the stories, joined the SUNNY Morning Show with Walt & Mike this week to talk about the book and how it came to be.

Long says it all started with a social media post he did of a short story he wrote based on a conversation he would have if Jesus Christ came to his door on a Sunday morning.

He said he was inspired to write the piece after someone came to his door to talk about their religion and their faith.

Long said he continued weekly posting of stories of similar conversations with Jesus and it became a regular activity that started being followed by dozens of people.

He said the stories are not really religious in nature, but are more philosophical and universal and do not really prescribe to any particular belief.

Long said he was eventually approached to compile the stories into a book, and that has resulted in this volume.


LISTEN IN – Author G.T. Long discusses his book, “Another Sunday in Horton Bay”.

VISIT – The book’s online sales site.


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