‘Waiting For Wiig’ Movie Production Underway In Marquette County

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Steven Wiig directs a scene from "Waiting for Wiig".

Steven Wiig directs a scene from “Waiting for Wiig”.

Marquette, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News) – Production has started in a series of locations around Marquette County for the independent short film, “Waiting for Wiig”.

The film’s director, Steven Wiig, and the film’s screenwriter, Kyle Hulkonen, joined the SUNNY Morning Show with Walt & Mike today to talk about the project.

Wiig, who has appeared in multiple film projects and has also worked extensively behind the camera, explained the history of the film and how it came to be.

He also shared the story about how he served as the inspiration for the story about three guys waiting on a friend, and ultimately took on the mantle of the film’s director.

Hulkonen talked about the story and how it has continued to evolve as the production moves along.

He also said it has been somewhat challenging at times to write a story about characters based on people that he knows so well from real life.

Scenes for the film will continue to be shot through the first part of this week in the area.


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