ACTIVE Physical Therapy Encourages Effective Preparation For NYE Resolutions

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Kristin Cuddie of ACTIVE Physical Therapy

Kristin Cuddie of ACTIVE Physical Therapy

Marquette, MI – (Great Lakes Radio) – In our latest segment with ACTIVE Physical Therapy, Kristin Cuddie, a physical therapist at the Ishpeming ACTIVE location, joined Mike Plourde to talk about New Year’s resolutions.

Cuddie says many people will be making New Year’s resolutions to get active and fit, but they may not be physically ready to get moving.

She said it is better to gradually increase your movement and activity to avoid injury as you work toward a goal of increased physical mobility.

Cuddie added that checking with your doctor is an important first step in the process and then working with a trainer or physical therapist is a good decision.

She outlined several key steps to follow to safely get active and stay active in the new year.

LISTEN IN – ACTIVE Physical Therapist Kristin Cuddie on getting moving in the new year.

VISIT – ACTIVE Physical Therapy’s website.


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