Football Night in Negaunee – Negaunee Miners (41) VS Westwood Patriots (0) on Sunny.FM 10/25/13

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Carl Johnson--your NEW voice for the Negaunee Miners on Sunny.FM during Football Night in Negaunee

Carl Johnson–your NEW voice for the Negaunee Miners on Sunny.FM during Football Night in Negaunee

10-25-2013 Negaunee, Michigan – It’s Football Night again in Negaunee on Sunny.FM!  This week the Negaunee Miners traveled to Westwood to take on the Westwood Patriots. Hope you enjoy this recap of the game’s highlights and you can listen to the whole game anytime in our audio archives here at Sunny.FM.

This was the last game of the regular football season for the Miners however, they have already secured a place in the play-offs so our live broadcasts of the action will continue on.  Stay tuned to Sunny.FM for updates on the upcoming games as Negaunee enters the play-off competitions next week.

Football Night in Negaunee on Sunny.FM!  The Miners were hot to win this game as a victory here would likely earn them at least 2 home games in the upcoming play-offs. The Westwood Patriots started the game with possession of the ball but didn’t hold onto it long as they weren’t able to put any points on the scoreboard.  The Miners took over and Tyler LaJoie ran the ball in shortly after with a 65 yard touchdown.  Still no points for Westwood on their next possession and Negaunee came on strong again with a 78 yard touchdown again by Tyler LaJoie! They finished off the first quarter with a 12-0 lead over the Patriots.

At The End of The First Quarter:
Negaunee Miners: 12
Westwood Patriots: 0

Football Night in Negaunee on Sunny.FM! The Miners continued their first quarter domination scoring a touchdown right away in the first minute of the second quarter, this time they made the 2 point conversion making the score 20-0 over the Patriots.  Westwood was still unable to score and Negaunee controlled the ball throughout the quarter scoring  a touchdown by Ryan Syrjala followed by an interception by Radloff and still 5 minutes on the clock. This was a dangerous combination which Negaunee took advantage of scoring another touchdown by LaJoie to end the first half of the game at 34-0 over the Patriots.

At The End of The Second Quarter:
Negaunee Miners: 34
Westwood Patriots: 0

Football Night in Negaunee on Sunny.FM!  Westwood continued to struggle into the second half of the game.  With 2 key players sitting out this game and a line-up out-sized by the Negaunee team they were challenged with some big disadvantages.  No points on the board for the Patriots during the start of the second half but the Miners managed to get another touchdown in by Kevin O’Keefe and an extra point by Tyler Jandron.  The third quarter finished with the enactment of the mercy clock and a 41-0 lead by the Miners.

At The End of The Third Quarter:
Negaunee Miners: 41
Westwood Patriots: 0

Football Night in Negaunee on Sunny.FM! The final quarter went quickly without any scoring to speak of. Westwood was completely overpowered by the Miners throughout the game. Negaunee was able to finish the game with a shut out and more importantly without suffering any injuries to their players, putting them in good shape to start the play-offs next week.

At The End of The Fourth Quarter – Final Score:
Negaunee Miners: 41
Westwood Patriots: 0

Check back this week to find out who the Miners will be facing and where next week as they enter the play-offs.  Carl Johnson will be broadcasting live over the airwaves on 101.9 or join us online with our live stream of the games here at Sunny.FM!

LISTEN – The Negaunee Miners defeat the Westwood Patriots 41-0 during football night in Negaunee on Sunny.FM Friday October 25 2013.mp3

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