Negaunee Miners Girls Basketball Team (42) VS Gladstone Braves (44) on Sunny.FM 12/01/15

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The Negaunee Miners vs Gladstone Braves on Sunny.FM. 12/01/15

The Negaunee Miners vs Gladstone Braves on Sunny.FM. 12/01/15

Gladstone, Michigan December 1st, 2015 — The Negaunee Miners Girls Basketball team traveled to Gladstone, Michigan tonight to face the Gladstone Brave, in their season opener.  Brady Guilbault was there to bring you all the exciting action from the court on Sunny.FM.

Courtney Finnila won the tip for the Negaunee Miners, but Gladstone was first to score in the game to lead 2-0.  Courtney Finnila was the first to score for the Negaunee Miners, to trail the Braves 6-2.  The Negaunee Miners had a slow first quarter and trailed 12-2 to the Braves.

The Gladstone Braves continued to drive down the court to start the second quarter and led 17-2 in the early minutes.  Aleda Johnson scored the second basket of the night for Negaunee Miners to trail the Braves 17-4 on Sunny.FM.  The Gladstone Braves started their season on fire and fast and led  23-10 against the Negaunee Miners at the end of the first half of play.

The Negaunee Miners started the third quarter with the first basket to squeeze the Gladstone Braves lead 23-12.  The Negaunee Miners found some fire in the second half of action, to trail 28-23 against the Braves nearing the end of the third quarter.  The Negaunee Miners continue to purse the ball in the third quarter and trailed by only one point to Gladstone 30-29.  The Negaunee Miners took their first lead of the night  from a basket by Aleda Johnson and with the free throw lead 32-29. The quarter ended with the Gladstone Braves on top 33-32.

Negaunee_Miners_Girls_Basketball_vs_Gladstone_Braves_120115_pic1The Gladstone Braves continued to maintain the lead in the first half of the fourth quarter 39-32 against the Miners, but the Miners found some fast breaks and tighten the Braves lead 39-37 with 4 minutes left in the game.  The Negaunee Miners held on and put up a great fight, but fell to the Gladstone Braves 44-42 on Sunny.FM.

The Gladstone Braves defeated the Negaunee Miners (44-42) on Sunny.FM.

Join Jesse Anderson and Brady Guilbault Friday December 4th, 2015 for the Negaunee Miners home opener against the Manistique Emeralds.  The Honor Credit Union Pre-game show will start around 7:00pm and the game will follow at 7:30pm on Sunny.FM.

LISTEN FULL GAME – The Gladstone Braves defeated the Negaunee Miners (44-42) on Sunny.FM Tuesday December 1st, 2015.mp3

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