What Do Chaga and The Workday Wind Down Have in Common? Kris Kyro 3-7

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Kris Kyro and Libby Nelson of Cafe Bodega. Why didn’t I put a picture of chaga here?  Maybe we are hiding it behind our backs…..

Marquette, Mi.March 14, 2018

What a gorgeous Wednesday! There is sunshine! Snow is melting! Birds are singing! Bunnies are hopping! There is music in the air everywhere…. and it’s us! Glad you’re a part of our life here at Sunny!

I hope you had a chance to tune into the Shopping Show today! It’s a great way to save some money and get to know all that we offer on the shopping show!

I come from a Finnish family so I am all about nature, natural products and making the most out of a sunny day. I would be tempted to look for chaga today, but I will leave that to the professionals at Superior Chaga. Chaga is a mushroom loaded with great taste and good things for you! It’s used as coffee and tea and is chock full of benefits for the body. The name “chaga” comes from the Russian word for mushroom and is found in cold climates, like ours.

Last year I ventured out to find this mysterious treasure. I found the trees with the chaga and began the process of gathering the goods. I was deep in the woods, sinking in snow up to my chin, dodging wild chipmunks and sheets of snow falling from tree limbs, all while carrying a bag of equipment for hunting and gathering the elusive mushroom.Well, for starters, not only did I not have the right tools for the job, I also did not know that what I was gathering wasn’t even chaga. I laugh now….ha ha…oh yes it’s so funny. It took a long time to find and collect,  and to this day I’m not sure what I brought home. It was on a tree, so at least I can rest assured that it was not something left behind by a bear. (you’ll understand that when you see a picture of chaga in the natural)

Spring is just days away and beautiful things are ahead. Maybe this afternoon I’ll play some Chaga Kahn.

I mean Chaka.

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