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Marquette, Mi.February 26, 2018

It is Monday and Monday usually gets a bad rap…or is the day just wrapped up badly? What is it about Monday that get’s people going…or not?

I have done a bit of fact checking on Mondays and I am intrigued and amused. Well, actually I am intrigued and amused most days but we’re talking about Mondays. Focus here FOCUS!

Are you aware that most people don’t even smile on a Monday until 11:16 a.m. According to my source this has been researched and proven. Why would people wait until after 11 before smiling on a Monday? If that is true I am guessing all dentist appointments should be scheduled for a Monday before 11 a.m. Part of a dentists job is to maneuver your mandible and check your cheeks and chompers. You will be forced to smile whether you want to or not so maybe it’ll last throughout the day!

You can keep that smile on your face by knowing that Mondays are the least rainy day of the week and it is the best day to buy a car.

Workday Wind Down with Kris Kyro and Luke

Is it Monday in there?

Your smile will continue if you listen to the Workday Wind Down with your host Kris Kyro from 3-7 every Monday through Friday.

You’ll smile because the music is great and the host is goofy. Say cheese!

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