Free Range Sports Announcers on SunnyFM and Kris Kyro on the Workday Wind Down

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Marquette, Mi.February 19, 2018           

Luke is not in a cage. I repeat, he is not in a cage.

I have mentioned it before and I’ll say it again. I have a great admiration for our sports guys, and all people who can call a game.

I hope I am never called upon to fill in for any sports announcer because the results would be disastrous….most likely hysterical, yet disastrous none the same. I would be hard pressed to find the correct terms, much less be one hundred percent certain of how to properly pronounce everyones name.

I am imagining I am the sports announcer right now. Close your eyes. Let’s pretend I’m calling the next basketball game. Ok. Here we go….

Kris: Let’s get ready to rumble! We’re here at the basketball game but I’m not sure who’s playing because I lost my program when I paid to get in here.

Wait a minute! I wasn’t supposed to pay to get in here! It’s bad enough I drove the bus!

Anyway the teams are excited and WHOAAAA that buzzer is loud! Is there any way we could turn that down a bit? For real that hurt my ears.

Oh geez, is rumble used in basketball?  Maybe I meant to say rough and tumble and it came out rumble.

Will there be another sports guy helping me out here? I’m getting nervous and some moms are staring at me. I’ll just wave….helloooo! Nuts I knocked over my coffee cup. Great now I’ve got more people staring at me.

Here come the teams! Hiiiiiiii….You’re all gonna be great. I can’t wait to see the first slapshot.

Like I said, I love that there are sports announcers so I can just kick back and enjoy the game. Check out Sunny.FM for schedules, games and all the latest in local sports! Join me every weekday from 3-7  for The Workday Wind Down on SunnyFM