If You Play Their Songs, They Will Listen …on the Workday Wind Down with Kris Kyro

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Displaced Yooper from the South back home. Suzanne and Kris discussed the proper way to say SAUNA. There is no further discussion needed as we know how to say it.

Marquette, Mi.February 7, 2018

Hi this is Kris Kyro! Thanks for stopping by! When you stop by in person I will insist I have a photo op with you…or of you. It will happen so be prepared.

He needs no introduction. Walt Lindala….and by the way, he also knows how to say SAUNA.

What I love about radio is the personal connection we build with our radio community and the community at large! I have the privilege of working in an industry that is all about entertaining and informing. I have met so many fascinating people from all walks of life all across the country! I have no favorites because everyone is unique and each person adds something different.

I’ve only been here a short time, yet in that short time, I have already been treated to some great people! I look forward to meeting you so please come on by the studio anytime and introduce yourself. ( I don’t know where you live or work so this is all on you! It would be strange and borderline cuckoo if I just randomly showed up at your house to introduce myself so work with me on this one.)

In the meantime, join me on the Workday Wind Down and let me know what you’d like to hear! It can get a bit zany at times…..just so you know.





Alex Baysore is a natural!