Nothing Monotone about Tu-Tone on the Workday Wind Down with Kris Kyro

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Alex Baysore. Media Adviser by day and colorful ham always.

Marquette, Mi.- Feb 1, 2019

Radio is a colorful business. Crayola colors…. in audio. It can be heard in the music that’s played and the people behind the music and the mics. Today, it’s all about Tu-Tone, a.k.a. Alex Baysore.  Alex is coming in for a bit of Workday Wind Down time with Kris Kyro. Let me introduce you to my guest.

He is a native Yooper and has lived in numerous places, one of which was Florida. Gators and swamps were left behind when he returned to the U.P. and now he is once again ours.

Kris Kyro highly amused by Alex Baysore in the Sunny studios

( You know Yoopers can be very territorial! We like to claim what’s great about our area! Nature and people are the essence of our bragging rights!)

Alex is one of the many talented staff we have here at Great Lakes Broadcasting and is one of our experienced Media Advisers. If you haven’t had the chance to meet with Alex to discuss how he can help you build your business, call him today! He is so clever, quick witted, and entertaining you’ll enjoy having him help you create  just what you need to promote what you do best! Whether it’s writing ads, voicing your commercials, or bringing the solutions you’ve been seeking for your company needs, you can count on Alex.

Tune in to the Workday Wind Down today and prepare to laugh from 3-7 with Kris Kyro and Alex Baysore.