Jim Kurtti Speaks With Kris Kyro on the Workday Wind Down

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Jim Kurtti, Finlandia University with Sarah Rousseau and Kris Kyro Heikinpaiva 2018

Marquette, MiJanuary 31,2018-  When you live in the U.P. long enough you get to know everyone. If you don’t know them, chances are good you know someone who DOES know them. It is similar to the Kevin Bacon effect. You know what I mean! The theory that there are only six degrees of separation between each person and Kevin Bacon.( I still haven’t figured out Mr. Bacon’s connection to me just yet, and I love bacon…with pancakes….but I digress)

If you don’t know Jim Kurtti allow me to introduce you to him. He is a long time Yooper with strong ties to the Finnish community and culture. As the director of the Finnish American Heritage Center and editor of the Finnish American Reporter, he remains one of the busiest people I know.

Jim will be my guest this afternoon between three and five during the Workday Wind Down to discuss Family Fun Night  this Friday, and a few other events coming up this week to wrap up Heikinpaiva.

We live in a fabulous place and we love to celebrate our area! Everything from Heiki Lunta to Heikinpaiva! Join the fun!

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