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Audient Microphone Scissor Torture USB Audio Interface Review Youtube

No… NO… Not the Scissors!

Marquette, MI – I’m an avid Youtube viewer and a huge gear head.  Along with my time on-air for the Workday Wind Down I’m also in charge of the audio chain and all audio gear here at the studios.  Now I love all forms of gear, from lusting for vintage tube stuff to drooling over the brand new digital technology that’s everywhere.

Right now, I’m on the prowl for a new audio interface.  This is the equipment that allows connections between a mixer, instrument, or microphones to a computer, usually with USB.  The standard sound card that comes with a computer will work in a pinch to record, but not at the professional level that keeps Sunny sounding so good!

I found myself on youtube watching reviews of a product made by Audient called the iD14 and iD22.  Audient is know for their high end studio boards, most notably used by Pete Townshend from The Who.  Both of these USB audio interfaces use the same mic preamps that are in Pete’s board!  The iD22 has more connection options than the iD14, but they run the same software and for my use either would work equally well.  There are some good reviews online and I’m leaning toward a purchase… :-)

The video below was the funnest to watch though.  Reviews can often be poorly put together and don’t allow audiophile watchers i.e. Me, enough of the product in use, just a lot of talk about it.

This video is not only packed with the iD14 in action, but it sounds great and the videography was fun as well.  It’s short and while on the “cute” side, I think you’ll enjoy their creative use of household items along with instruments to produce all of the sounds in the song.

I’ll keep you updated if I end up purchasing an Audient iD14 or iD22 for the studio.

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