Delicious Spin on the Traditional Finnish or Cornish Pasty

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Luke Pasty Pie in The UP of Michigan Hearty Winter Food 01

This isn’t your average Pie. No fruit allowed in here!

Marquette, Michigan – Living in the U.P. offers up so many great opportunities.  From the wild untamed beauty and year round recreation to incredible craft beer and “Good” People who care about their neighbors.  But one of the best things about living in the Upper Peninsula has to be the food.

I’ve eaten hundreds of pasty’s over the years and always enjoy trying out a new recipe or spin on the classic pasty.  Most of the country is clueless to this wonderful hearty meal. From Milwaukee to Grand Rapids no one knows about them and people look at me like I’m crazy when I start the pasty talk.  I usually have to relate it to a Shepard’s Pie but tell them it’s not really like that, oh.. and way better.

I’ve enjoyed steak pastys, chicken pot pie pastys, breakfast, ham and cheese, pizza, veggie pastys and “Girl Scout” pasty once.  So, when my wife’s Aunt called me and asked if we wanted to come over for some Pasty Pie, you know I jumped at the opportunity.

What a great way to make home made pasties while cutting down on the work.  It’s half the crust too, so we cut the calories down.  Our Aunt has a great recipe with beef, potatoes, onions, rutabaga and lots of butter and salt-n-pepper layered in. Yum!

Let me know where your favorite pasty can be found or maybe your coolest recipe twist.  Be sure to enjoy some regional favorite this winter like a pasty, cudighi, or if you dare try some lutefisk!

Luke Pasty Pie in The UP of Michigan Hearty Winter Food 02

Thanks Auntie!

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