Top Down Tree Trimming from the Bucket Truck

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Heading up to start trimming

Harvey, MI – My Mother in Law asked me to help trim a large Red Pine that was leaning over her garage.  The Pine stood tall, at almost 70ft and the winds were blowing as I buckled my harness and jumped into our bucket truck.  I couldn’t wait to fire up my chain saw and start in on the project.  I had just bought a new chain for my Stihl Chainsaw and aerial cutting is one of my favorites.  There’s nothing like a new sharp chain, the smell of 2 stroke oil and flying wood chips to get your heart pumping.

I have always wanted to climb a tree and drop it it from the top down like a real arborist, however the bucket truck makes it easier, safer, and makes my wife happy.  You might find it strange but I dream of long ropes, knots that come undone, rigging with pulleys, carabiners, and heights that make most people dizzy just thinking about.  One day I will climb a tree and take it down… maybe I’ll practice in the woods first and not over the garage roof ;-)

The project took around 3 hours to complete, leaving only a stump behind as a reminder of the garage leaning, needle dropping, pitch spitting, pine coney mess of a tree.

I received many pats on the back for a good days work and my Mother in Law even took us out for dinner.  (Thanks Mom)  After seeing how well the project went I think she wants another couple trees taken down too – Sweet, I can’t wait!


Here is what I’m talking about – Doesn’t this look like fun!

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