The Smashing Pumpkins Launch Record Club, New Album “Oceania” Near Completion

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Between this post and the last one, I guess you can say I’m covering the 90’s right now.  I’m a 90’s kid, I can’t help it!

Anyways back to the post..

The Smashing Pumpkins after having broken up at the beginning of the 2000’s came back after about seven years and after a few lineup changes have been rolling along.

The band has been recording for about a year or two, posting songs for free on their site.  Right now though there has been two bigger announcements.  One which is the Smashing Pumpkins Record Club, where you can give your email and they’ll update you on old unreleased material that you can get.  What type?  Well it sounds like anything they can possibly get out.  Mentions of old taped concerts and when you sign up you get a demo right off the bat.

Also the band is currently finishing up work on their next full length album, called “Oceania.”  No word on how exactly it’s getting out but I’m excited nonetheless!

Official Site

Billy Corgan’s Blog


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