Pastor Jeff and Pastor Tony Talk About Finding Harmony with God on Time For Wisdom This Sunday

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Time For Wisdom - Journey of Russ Murphy’s Life + Gospel Music

Time For Wisdom – Journey of Russ Murphy’s Life + Gospel Music

Marquette, MI  –  November 3, 2017  –  There is a growing crisis made up of regular next door neighbors, from pre-teens to senior citizens, who everyday can’t concentrate on much of anything other than to get another temporary fix for their opioid addiction. Eighty percent of heroin addictions begin as an addiction to prescription pain medication. Withdrawal from an opioid addiction is ten times worse than the flu. Narcan is legally sold to help bridge an opioid addiction until full recovery is reached.

This week on Time For Wisdom, Pastor Jeff and Pastor Tony delve into current issues, and the subject of emotional and physical pain, and how pain drives people out of harmony with what is best for themselves and others. Being out of tune with what is God’s best for a you, is never understood until you once again stand in perfect harmony with the voice of your Lord God and Creator; who is even now close to your heart and in this very room. Yes, Jesus can! Jesus can set anyone free from whatever holds them hostage.

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