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Marquette, MI  –  September 8, 2017  –  According to our government’s most recent yearly statistics, America’s favorite name for a newborn baby boy is Noah. Is this just an interesting coincidence in light of the times we are living in? Noah was viewed as a “conspiracy nut” and a doomsday prophet by his generation. They tired of his preaching and his voice went unheeded until it was too late; too late to prepare spiritually and physically.

This week in the Caribbean and Florida, folks were warned repeatedly to prepare and/or evacuate in advance of Hurricane Irma. The name Irma is associated with the name of the pagan goddess of destruction and this hurricane is certainly living up to its moniker. This week on Time for Wisdom, Pastor Jeff and Pastor Tony will engage in a deep discussion regarding the lessons that can be drawn by these life changing events. Is the God of creation trying to get our attention?

A man in Puerto Rico said he wasn’t leaving because he trusted in the strength of his house, for he built it with his own hands. We are reminded of the parable from Jesus about building your house on the rock and not on the sand. Hopefully, not too many homes and buildings will be destroyed that are sitting on the sands of Miami Beach and the surrounding area!

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