July 2 – Time For Wisdom with Pastor Jeff on Sunny.FM 101.9 Sunday 11a – 12p

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Time For Wisdom - Journey of Russ Murphy’s Life + Gospel Music

Time For Wisdom – Journey of Russ Murphy’s Life + Gospel Music

Marquette, MI  –  June 29, 2017  –  This Sunday from 11a-12p, we’ll have Pastor Jeff back on the air for another show of Time For Wisdom! Join us on Sunny 101.9 or stream the show at Sunny.FM to hear the latest from Pastor Jeff.

Here’s a comment from Pastor Jeff: “When we reflect on the anniversary of our independence, we are reminded of a momentous struggle which our forefathers persevered through. Just thinking about Valley Forge, frostbite, dysentery and starvation, causes me to once again appreciate the blessings our nation has enjoyed these past 241 years because of the sacrifices of our earliest patriots!”

This week on Time for Wisdom Pastor Jeff and Pastor Tony, delve into the momentous challenge facing Congress right now; fixing healthcare all the way instead of just “good enough”. Will any true patriots of righteousness step forward irregardless of party affiliation? It would be a sad commentary on our nation, if special interests on both sides of the aisle, are allowed to continue to rule the day in defiant opposition, to that place in righteousness which the LORD calls, “This is the way, walk ye in it…” Isaiah 30:21. Let us remember the words of Jesus, “If you have done it unto the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto me.” Matthew 25:40. Let us pray Michigan’s leaders and all of the leaders in Washington, will heed the Holy Spirit’s call, to a righteous answer.

Catch the show by streaming live at Sunny.FM or on Sunny 101.9 from 11a-12p this Sunday! Missed out on past Time For Wisdom shows? Catch up!