Staci Berg Discusses Benefit for the Bonifas on the 8th Day

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Staci Berg Discusses Benefit for the Bonifas on the 8th Day

Staci Berg Discusses Benefit for the Bonifas on the 8th Day

Escanaba, Michigan – Staci Berg, Events Coordinator of the Bonifas Arts Center in Escanaba, talked to Todd Pazz about the Benefit for the Bonifas that happens today, May 19th, at 6:00 pm – 11:59 p.m. To provide the art classes, workshops, theatrical productions, and the various traveling exhibits and displays of the regional artists of the Upper Peninsula, the Benefit for the Bonifas — as the center’s biggest annual fundraiser — must be excel to attract the the funds needed to operate for the year.

The Bonifas Missions statement: “Founded in 1974, the William Bonifas Fine Arts Center is a comprehensive arts organization. With a commitment to excellence in its exhibits, education, performances, facilities, events and other activities. The Center exists to enhance and inspire the cultural and creative lives of the people in the Central Upper Peninsula.”

To make the evening special and attract the most donors, this year’s event is called the “Cadillac Summer” and is being held at the Quality Inn (2603 N Lincoln Road Escanaba, 49829). Food, drinks, silent auction and games as well as music by the local popular band the Cadillacs are the bet to attract a good crowd to the community fundraiser for this regional arts center. The Cadillacs play Oldies (50’s & 60’s) classic rock.

Those that attended not only will be served a meal, but they qualify for discounted room rates at the Quality Inn.

Also discussed were other events that the Bonefas will be holding over the next few months including Missoula Children’s Theater presentation of Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs June 16th. The long-running August 4th Waterfront Arts Festival at Escanaba’s Ludington Park also got some airtime.

Previously, Staci Berg had been on the 8th Day to discuss the Flannel Fest.

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